I don’t need professional concrete scanning services prior to cutting, coring or excavating… do I?

I don’t need professional concrete scanning services prior to cutting, coring or excavating… do I?

Drilling, cutting or excavating can often be dangerous enough to personnel working onsite on a project… but without accurate information about what is present in the concrete slab or structure, the danger increases significantly.

It’s just concrete… what could possibly be in there?

Any number of items could be hidden inside concrete, from electrical wires and pipes to fuel tanks and forensics. We’re lucky now that we have technology to ‘see through’ the concrete and detect these items before causing damage, delays, or worse still, injuries.

Hitting services, reinforcement bars or post-tension cables is also a costly and time-consuming error that can have massive implications on a project budget and timeline.

It is common for electrical conduits to be embedded within concrete slabs in any building or concrete structure. This poses a danger to contractors preparing to cut or core. Cutting through electrical cables can lead to electrical outages and facility shut-downs, not to mention potentially fatal accidents for personnel working onsite.

Mitigating the risk

It’s important to not only ensure concrete scanning is carried out prior to cutting, coring or excavating; but that it is performed by the right company. The professional concrete scanning company chosen should have the expertise, skills, training and experience to not only do a thorough job onsite but also provide accurate data and an analysis report appropriate to the project. This equipment can be very technical – needless to say they need to use the right equipment for the job and use that equipment to its fullest potential!

Now… or later?

To avoid the risk of delays, damage or injury, it’s essential to have the concrete scanned prior to cutting, coring or excavating. Furthermore, the right concrete scanning service provider will have a great deal of knowledge and experience, so will act as a partner in the safety of your project. Early engagement is definitely the way to go!