Projects undertaken by Concrete Scanning Services are of varied size and complexity, servicing a range of industries from engineering companies to developers, commercial builders, local government and a wide range of contractors such as plumbers and electricians.

Here’s a small sample of our projects – contact us to discuss how we can tailor our services to your individual needs.

Post-tension location survey - Federation Centres Shopping Centre, Bankstown

post tension cables concrete scanning Sydney

Sydney construction company needed to cut a 4m x 5m penetration in a suspended slab for a new escalator. Wanting to avoid hitting PT cables, they called Concrete Scanning Services to conduct a slab survey in order to detect and mark the existing PT cables. The tremendous cable tension makes cutting a cable dangerous for the operator and compromises the structure’s integrity. GPR can accurately and quickly locate and identify PT cables embedded in concrete.

Steel reinforcement location survey - 156 King Street, Sydney CBD

Steel reinforcement location survey Sydney

As part of a refurbishment project in the Sydney CBD, core drilling of concrete walls was required for new mechanical penetrations. Prior to coring however, the structural engineer required the location and marking of the reinforcing steel (reo) inside the walls in order to preserve structural integrity and prevent damage to the building.

Reinforced hollow block wall defect survey - Macquarie Shopping Centre

Reinforced hollow block wall defect SydneyMajor performance and durability problems can arise if the reinforced cores are not completely filled with concrete, or if specified reinforcement is missed. Concrete Scanning Services was commissioned to scan a 3m x 8m block wall in order to detect any voids, or missing reinforcement.

Detection of live power conduit in concrete slab - Royal North Shore Hospital, St Leonards

detection of live power conduit in concrete slab SydneyDuring a hospital refurbishment project, a plumbing contractor is tasked with cutting trenches and core holes into the existing ground slab. The accidental cutting of one conduit could potentially cause loss of power for a nearby section of the hospital, having disastrous effects and potentially causing serious or fatal injuries to the operator.

Slab Scan in Sydney

Slab Scan SydneyConcrete Scanning Services is often requested to undertake surveys of various types of concrete floor slabs, warehouse floor slabs being the most common. A slab scan of a concrete floor can assist a structural engineer with information required to calculate load bearings and load capacities.

Non-destructive investigation - Tarban Creek Bridge, Gladesville

Non-destructive concrete investigation SydneyIn this case study, anchor bolts needed to be drilled into the bridge deck beams and cantilever beams for new cross girders and new column supports. Blind drilling may have damaged the reinforcement and compromised the bridge’s structural integrity. Hitting reinforcement would also have slowed project progress and led to increased costs.

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