Engineering, Drafting and Surveying Services

Concrete Scanning Services can offer a complete range of engineering, drafting and surveying services including design, assessment, reporting and certification. We can assist you at every stage of your project from preliminary investigations through to planning, approval and construction.

Structural Engineering

We can offer:

Structural review of proposed floor slab or wall penetrations

On site review (by structural engineer) of the proposed penetration location (if required)

Advice regarding an alternative location if applicable

Letter of structural acceptability

Structural certification

Update or production of CAD drawings

Drafting and Mapping

We are able to offer drafting and mapping services from updates of existing plans or drawings through to the creation of new fully detailed drawings.

We can offer:

Creation or update of utility survey drawings

Creation or editing of CAD drawings

Creation or update of 'as-built' records

Structural engineering or reinforcement layout drawings

All drawings are supplied in hard copy and electronic format.

Professional Surveyor Mapping

If you require a permanent record of a utility location survey, we can provide a professional surveyor to collect all utility data marked on the ground surface; the surveyor accurately records this data on the survey drawing using total station surveying techniques.  This service is referred to as utility mapping.

The utility mapping service is ideal for any client planning to undertake excavation, piling or drilling work on sites where a record is required for future reference or as part of the pre-construction feasibility and design works.

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