Variables affecting an accurate Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) Survey

Variables affecting an accurate Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) Survey

Anyone who has ever wandered through a Bermuda Triangle of phone reception can tell you that every technology has its limitations. GPR is no exception, struggling to maintain its performance under certain circumstances.

What variables can impact a GPR survey?

  • The composition of the material being penetrated, such as the moisture content and the varying velocity of natural layers;
  • The depth of the target;
  • The different velocities of radar signals travelling through different types of materials;
  • Areas with strong electromagnetic signals; and
  • Areas containing a complex assortment of objects.

In essence, electrical conductivity and magnetic permeability are what determine how well GPR waves travel through a medium.

Electricity and magnetism

No, we’re not talking about romance. Electrical and magnetic waves must constantly ‘feed’ on each other for GPR transmission to occur. Therefore, the composition of the soil onsite has an impact on the effectiveness of the technology – the level of soluble salts and minerals in particular, as well as wet or high saline conditions, all have an impact.

What’s that noise?

Another common complication affecting resolution of reflections in the ground is background noise, which is almost always recorded during GPR surveys. The electromagnetic energy employed by GPR is of frequencies similar to those used in television and radio communication bands, so some kind of noise is always generated. The amount or level of that noise can impact the quality of the GPR scan.

Does my site tick the right boxes?

Our team of construction and trade professionals will alert you to any anomalies onsite. Our advanced technical training allows us to not only use our GPR the equipment properly but also to interpret the results with precision. We understand what your industry needs to achieve, so we know the importance of an accurate scan. We’ll also go above and beyond to meet your deadlines and requirements.